Monday, January 21, 2013

Obama's Second Inauguration

President Obama just gave his second inaugural address and I think two main themes jump out.

First, his commitment to climate change.  I really hope we can begin to invest in clean energy and development.  Investment in this industry undoubtedly includes a divestiture of our investments in fossil fuels.  We cannot really promote a new clean energy economy while giving so much support to fossil fuel companies.  I would like to see energy industry tax breaks decrease while promoting clean energy innovation and development around the nation.

The second main point that jumped out to me was President Obama's commitment to the LGBT community. He made it clear that we cannot say we stand for freedom, liberty, and equality while oppressing a group of individuals and allowing the law to classify them as a different group of citizens.  I think this will be a very big step for equality and I hope to see our country and our laws start to recognize this equality.

Sorry for the sporadic content and nature of this post but I wanted to get down my thoughts before they left me.

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